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Wednesday July 18, 2012 No Limits Bootcamp at Wash Park


Wednesday July 18, 2012 No Limits Bootcamp at Wash Park

Partner WOD- 15min AMRAP


50m sprint with KB

Partner 1- holds bell above head while partner 2 completes 10 Burpees then SWITCH (20 points)

Partner 1 completes 20 swings while partner 2 completes as many sit ups as possible then SWITCH (40 points)

Together complete 30 goblet squats. One person working at a time, one resting. (30 points)

50m sprint with KB


6am Crew

Tracy & Cara- 275

Monica & Erin- 330

Robert & Tay- 360 +15m run


Sorry no pics today because I joined you all for the WOD!


“The nutrients we give our body is the foundation of all our endeavors…”

This post is inspired my Monica!!

Today we had a little chat after class about pre WOD fueling… I always feel like most people have

no idea what to put into their bodies before or after a WOD. I also know that some of you come to

class without having eatin a thing!! Thats not ok! If you want to give out 100% each morning in

class and also reap the full benefits of the class your body needs to have something to fuel off of.

Make sure you are eating some good quality protein before and after each class! Without good

nutrition habits your efforts in bootcamp will not reach full potential! Check out this article

below… It goes a little more in depth on the important of pre and post WOD fueling.

        Jon’s Post: Pre & Post Workout Nutrition


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