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Maximum Mobility & Flexible Strength


Maximum Mobility & Flexible Strength


Super Joints

There is no better way to insure a long, pain free life than performing the right daily combination of joint mobility and strength-flexibility exercises.

With increasing age mobility tends to decrease due to loss of range of motion around numerous joints and also a slowly developing decrement in processing sensory information, a vital component of motor skills. A lack of exercise or physical activity may speed these occurences.


There are two kinds of flexibility: passive and active.

In our group classes, we use both types exercises to address mobility.

The first is dynamic or active flexibility exercises that utilize active movement through a complete range of motion. The second is static flexibility exercises that involve holding a stretched muscle and joint position for a brief period. Both have benefits!


Dynamic or “Active” Flexibility-for sporting prowess and fewer injuries.

Dynamic exercises are used as preparative exercises prior to training. These drills are completed in order to ensure that the desired exercise positions can be attained. Joint mobility is not the same thing as muscle flexibility. Think of our our line up drills where we perform punter kicks, butt kicks, spiderman lunges, etc. You know the drill!


Static or “Passive” flexibility exercises:

Here we are more interested in improving range of motion and to accomplish the stretch placed on a muscle or muscle group we need to push past the pleasurable to the edge of discomfort, but not pain. This is where the best gains are made. Some examples of this are the classic stretches like straddle stretch, spinal twist stretch, Samson stretch. Think yoga and our jump band exercises.

We also use the jump bands for at least 1 or 2 exercises with a 10-15 second hold. The exercise we chose is specific to what lies ahead in the workout of the day. For example, If we are going to be doing overhead squats, our coaches will include a banded exercise to improve your overhead position. We achieve a better position by opening up and stretching the pecs and lats and other muscles associated with going overhead.

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