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Thursday June 20, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Thursday June 20, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

”Breathe”– Because you can…


WOD- 3 rounds for time:

Row 500m

Run 400m

Bear crawl 25m

Farmer walk 25m heavy


Why is a Dynamic Warm-Up Important?

A properly executed dynamic warm up is a sure fire way to have a kick-ass workout; while drastically reducing your risk of injury.

Anyone who is serious about training knows that the warm up is the most important part of the workout. Simply put, if your warm up sucks; your workout is going to suck too!

Here are some of the components of a properly designed dynamic warm-up:

  • Improves soft-tssue quality and extensibility
  • Incorporates general to specific movements to raise core temperature
  • Includes dynamic flexibility & mobility drills
  • Includes muscle activation exercises
  • Progressively introduces ballistic jumps, throws, etc. to excite CNS
  • Includes specific (rehearsal) movement patterns

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