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30 Day Paleo Challenge


30 Day Paleo Challenge


Dear CFS Athletes,


First off, we want to say thank you for “being” our gym. I know that isn’t exactly perfect grammar, but you ARE our gym and we know/appreciate it. We have hardworking, receptive, and positive athletes that gives us a unique identity. Today marks the 2 year anniversary of CrossFit Stapleton and we are experiencing awesome growth. We began in a garage and a park, then expanded to a school and a 5,000 square foot gym!

As of late, CFS coaching staff has been inundated with nutritional questions and we have begun reaching out to certain individuals in prescribing specific regimens. Guys like Nick Massie have taken ownership and accountability to a whole other level, and has reaped some incredible gains. We are proud to be a part of his success, but HE is the one “doing” it.

  In an effort to be the best CrossFit gym we can, we feel it is critical to begin laying out nutritional programs and challenges that help our athletes reach their fitness goals and better educate all of us on an individual level. If we are nailing down difficult Olympic Lifts after only 1 month, can you imagine the gains we can make if we drill down on nutrition with equal diligence? So, let’s give it a try……..

CrossFit Stapleton is rolling out it’s first ever “Whole 9 Challenge”. In an effort to answer many of your questions I will front load a few so you get the gist.

What is Whole 9?

Maybe we should just tell you what it is not. It’s not a gimmicky fad diet. It’s not a diet that requires you to measure or count calories, and for this reason it is very user friendly. It is a 30 day challenge/introduction into a Paleo diet. It is a food transformation with proven results.

What is this Paleo stuff?

Paleo refers to our hunter gatherer ancestors before the advent of agriculture in the last 5,000 years. These guys/gals were remarkably healthy considering there was no modern medicine (lived well into their 60’s)- No cavities, taller than modern Americans and Europeans, no bone malformations, no degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, powerfully built with strength and endurance on par with modern athletes. I’m not making this up!

What kind of food do I have to eat?

We will eat real food-fresh natural meat, vegetables, and fruit. We will eat nutrient dense, minimally processed, with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. You will maintain healthy metabolism and reduce inflammation.  You will increase your energy level, improve body composition, and performance in the gym.

What if Im a Vegetarian?

First off, our condolences because meat eaters rule the world….it won’t be easy but hopefully you are willing to eat fish and eggs as your primary protein sources. If not, you should understand that soy products mean you will not experience the nutritional programs full benefits; since the foundation of Whole 9 is adequate protein intake from real food.

What does it include?

  • A list of foods that detract from your health and fitness

  • A detailed shopping guide with hints to make the best choices in meat, fish, eggs, produce, and healthy fat choices.

  • 30 page Whole 9 Nutrition Guide

  • 9 Page Whole 30 Overview.

  • Whole 9 Nutrition Guide that includes recipes and a meal planning template designed to meat individual needs.

  • Multi-category FAQ that helps you hit the deck running

  • Weekly nutritional meetings and accountability from your peers.

  • Helpful resources -nutritional websites, recipes, books, and movies.

  • Initial Physical Assessment and weekly assessments throughout the 30 days for body fat and taping/measuring key sites.

  • Grand Prize for the athlete who makes the most gains/losses in 2 categories (BF% as well as overall weight loss). Free 3 months Unlimited Membership.

Okay How Much?

$150 dollars. We feel this is a very fair value for all you will receive. Hell, this is your body we are talking about! You know….your Temple?

What do I have to lose?

Nothing……or a heck of a lot depending on how you look at it. Honestly, how is what you are doing working for you? It’s only 30 days and it could very well change your life.

How difficult is it?

It is a strict 30 day challenge with NO CHEATING.  Results are directly proportional to effort. Remember, many of you are reprogramming decades of bad eating habits along with hormonal signals that are way out of balance. This may take some time. Results can not be measured in just inches or weight loss, but mental acuity, energy level, performance in the gym, better sleep, and overall recovery. This is a “food transformation” experience.

Important dates to remember:

August 28th- Registration for Whole 9  30 day challenge  begins.

Saturday Sept 10th at 1-4PM- initial Physical Assessments.

Sunday September 11th at 2 PM-CFS’s First nutritional meeting and Paleo dinner.

Monday September 12-Whole 9 30 day challenge begins.

Weekly meeting time will be announced as we grow closer to start times.

Tuesday October 11th-Whole 9 30 day challenge concludes with final physical assessments.

Hope you join us in a continued pursuit of pushing the boundaries of your personal fitness.






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