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CrossFit Start Up Guide -Part 1 -CrossFit Stapleton


CrossFit Start Up Guide -Part 1 -CrossFit Stapleton

This is essential reading for all new CrossFit Stapleton Athletes. Compliments of Todd Widman -HQ Trainer.

New to CrossFit and not sure where to begin? If so, then

welcome. This series will address the primary concerns

and focal points for a starting CrossFit athlete,

orienting your use of resources throughout the entire universe.

CrossFit Start Up Guide: Part 1

What you will find here are some tools to focus your

entry into CrossFit workouts and fitness in general.

Gone are the promises of easy and comfortable results.

The best CrossFitters educate themselves both about

movement and fitness broadly, as well as about their

own individual strengths and weaknesses.

CrossFit Start Up Guide -Part I

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