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Emilie S


Emilie S

“It took a lot of outside research and mental preparedness to get the guts to ask Tayler about the nutrition program. I tried doing paleo myself when I first started CFS and it was an epic, monumental fail. I knew I needed not only the support, but someone with the knowledge about nutrition to help get me through the tough period. Before the nutrition program, I ate a lot of…..carbs, carbs, carbs, some more carbs, sugar…..oh, and carbs.”

“Before starting the nutrition program, I was proud of the improvements I had made in general since starting CFS, but something still wasn’t “clicking”, and I knew that nutrition was the missing puzzle piece. After starting the program, I have to admit, there was a rough patch for about 3-4 weeks in which I thought Tayler was out of her mind and paleo (although delicious) was going to kill me. And then about 4 weeks in, it all became worth it. I was running faster (shockingly), lifting more weight, and I had more energy than I know what to do with. My arms are much more defined, I lost 3in off my waist, and I have been able to put up more weight and actually keep up with all the veterans! WAHOO!”

“Tayler is an amazing coach, both nutritionally and physically. In the kitchen, that woman can whip up a meal so fast….and crap is everywhere. I’m a clean freak in the kitchen (or was), but now I’m a mess. So thanks, for that. Oh, and every time (literally, every time) we got together to cook, without fail, it turned into talking about all the attractive men at CFS. So thanks guys, you gave us hours of conversation. “

-Emilie S

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