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Food Fight


Food Fight

Hi CrossFit Friends,

I asked to start a food blog on our website as a place discuss recipes,  nutrition and food.  I’m not a nutritionist, but I like to eat good tasting food.   I do some research to make sure that my good tasting food is nutritious.  I”ll bet you do too.    Let’s use this to share what we learn about food; our fight for good food.

There’s hardly any point in training, if you don’t eat well.  Quickly,  a poor diet will stop any athletic goals you have.

Since you are doing CrossFit, you clearly find joy in strengthening your body  I’ll bet you have also noticed that what you ate yesterday affected today’s performance.  Food and training go hand and hand.  One without the other just doesn’t get you on the way to meeting your goals.  But what to eat and when?  There are so many recommendations by coaches and athletes.  Sometimes all the choices means no choice, the old “analysis paralysis”.

Rather than wing it or do nothing, I’ve decided to pick up the “The Paleo Diet for Athletes: A nutritional formula for peak performance” by Loren Cordain and Joe Friel and study it.   Just pick this one methodolgoy and try it for a while, experiment with it to see if is easy and productive.  So as I learn more I’ll share it here.

I admit that when I first heard of this diet, I scoffed.  It sounds crazy to give up grain based carbohydrates, doesn’t it?   “High carbs and low fats” was the scientific diet for endurance athletes for the last three decades.  I remember taking potatoes and hunks of bread on long bike rides.  Nutrition bars and high carb drinks replaced  eating recognizable food.

What about pre-event carbo-load party?  Would it become the pre-event salad eating party?  What fun is 1000 calories of salad compared to spaghetti with marinara?   Of course, we stocked up on Clif bars, and Laura bars, and Cytomax, because they were easy.  The USDA told us so.

Does it make you sad to give it up?

It made me sad too.  No bowl of cereal to start me day?  No more sandwiches?

But I’m not so sad anymore,  because I  reading about the science behind this paleo thing.

In the next couple of blogs, I will describe some rather shocking information concerning our American food  chain.  Information about what is really in that Poptart, penne and potatoe.  You’d be amazed at what it does to you once digested.  It may disgust you, but that will help you embrace a healthier diet!


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