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Friday August 5 2011


Friday August 5 2011



“Fran” Friday

For Time:

  • 21, 15, 9
  • Thrusters 95#/65#
  • Pull ups

Travis 4:59 RX

Mike 7:46 RX

Heather 6:11 RX

Javier 6:42 (sub KB swings for pull ups)

Connie 6:21 Banded/45#

Josh 7:36 RX

Cyndi  7:10 Banded/ 45#

Jen 6:15 Banded/45#

Melissa Banded/ 45#

Kevin 7:00 Banded

Larry 7:10 Subbed less pull ups

Seth 7:50 Subbed less Pull Ups/ 75#

Aaron 8:20 subbed less pull ups/ 75#

Lara R. 8:11 Banded/ 55#

Sara 7:35 banded/ 55#

Brittany 9:51 banded/ 45#

Galo 7:33 banded/ 75#

Jolene 8:59 Banded / 35#

Nick M. 8:20 Assist pull ups/RX Thruster

Adam 8:48 banded / 55#

DK 8:40 RX

CFS wants to thank Kevin for joining us today for a benchmark WOD. Hope to see you back in here again. This was a tough intro to CrossFit and we’re glad to have you.

Fran is a true “bitch” of a WOD. The intention of this couplet is to finish in the 5-10 minute range for an intermediate Crossfitter. You should scale accordingly to meet this time line and reap the metabolic response it intends. For Pull Ups, start with your max number for the first round and subtract 3-5 per round. For thruster, try 50% of your max push press weight and keep the 21-15-9 rep range or go with RX weight and less reps like 15-12-9. Slogging your way through FRAN in 10+ may be a good mental test, but you are not training for the short duration max effort it was created for. Great efforts by Travis and Heather! Check out this article on Paleo from Fox News.

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