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Friday December 2, 2011


Friday December 2, 2011

Great work and intensity today CFS!! You guys have come a long way from the summer and your elbow turnaround, hip extension, and depth in receiving the bar have improved dramatically. So great to see the evolution and hard work paying off.

Quick Note: If you are training 5 days in a row…you are wrong. If you are training 4 days in a row…you are wrong. CrossFit is strong medicine that is Rx at an intensity level that requires recovery. You may get away with it for awhile, but it is only a matter of time before the wheels come flying off; and when they do it could be ugly. Don’t miss time in the gym due to injury or burnout. The older we get the more recovery we need-accept it and embrace it. In a 7 day block, we recommend a  1 day of “active recovery” -(like turkish get ups and skills OR a long hike with some weight OR a long bike ride that doesn’t tax you too hard) and a day or 2 where you completely “shut ‘er down”. 3-4 days of CrossFit is PLENTY! I learned this the hard way and want to save you the burden. I am the boss of you so listen….please.

Get your Elbows Up!


Not bad for 2nd Trimester.










*****Last done Sept 22nd (Power Clean)*****

30 Reps for Time:

Clean and Jerk  135#/95#

We will be doing with a FULL squat clean

If not RX then 60% of 1 RM on Power Clean















iJaesen 6:41 Rx

Nick 7:27 Rx

Heather ?????

Ed D. 9:20

Seth 8:15 RX!-awesome job Seth.

Liz 4:28 55#

Adam 6:25 105#

Kimi 4:48 55#

J.D. 7:11 75#

Danielle 6:25 55#-“just working on form today”

Tony 7:04 115#

Ack 4:21 Rx

Laura M. 4:37 65#

Reno 4:57 115#

William 4:50 Rx

Javier 6:06 85#

Jolene 5:45 55#

Cyndi 6:32 45#

Bill 6:48 95#

Julie 6:53 50#

Travis 5:12 Rx

Steve 7:20 85#

Connie 7:53 55#

Mike Technique day

Nicolle 5:02 (5 toothpicks taped together)

Erica 5:15 45#-didn’t go heavy enough

Jim 4:58 95#

Tara 6:14 65#-nice work today Tara!

Lynn 6:28 65#

Jill 7:00 45#

Tracy 7:34 65#

Zac 8:02 75#

Gina 8:09

Sharon 7:00 45#

Pilar 7:45 45#


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