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Friday July 1, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Friday July 1, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Are you logging your WODs, PRs, Benchmarks, anything!? If not, its time to start!

Get yourself a journal, notebook, something!!

OR if handwriting your WODs isn’t your style… There is an App for that – See below!

What are the basic benefits of journaling?
  • Faster learning
  • Remembering weights
  • Having information to analyze
  • Tracking progress
And remember – journaling isn’t just for CrossFit. You can keep detailed records of your workouts no matter what your exercise regimen. For example, you can log your run times and distances, you can log the new yoga moves you learned and what was challenging about them, or you can log your weightlifting numbers.
So what all can you write in your journal?
– Make it as basic or as detailed as you want!
  • Warm-up routine
  • Skill practice or new movements learned
  • Workout and “score” of the workout
  • Weights used and any scaled movements
  • Post-workout stretching or mobility work
  • Hours of sleep
  • Water intake
  • Mood
  • Any circumstances surrounding the workout
  • What the BEST part of your workout was!
  • Whatever else you would like to track!!!
No matter what you are doing for your health and fitness, journaling is a valuable tool that will help you remember details and accelerate your progress.


Did you know you can track EVERYTHING we do in the gym by using the ZenPlanner App? 

Also – you ALL have a slot on the whiteboard in the front of the gym to track your max lifts and a handful of benchmarks (400m run/2K row/max height box jump/etc) we like to keep track of. Start using that if you are not already!

If you are new and do not have a slot yet – talk to a coach, we will get you up there ASAP!

You can’t see your improvements unless you are tracking!

Here is how it works: 

1st Step – Download the APP

  • From your mobile phone click this link:
  • From there ‘install web app by adding to home screen’
  • Now log in and start tracking!
  • PS – You can ALSO register for classes here, adjust profile settings, and update account information (change address/credit card information/pay bills/etc)

Here is the button you are looking for when you are about to ‘add app to home screen’ :


2nd Step – Start tracking your WODs 

  • To log your daily WOD score, just go to Calendar on the app Home screen. If you attended class for that day, there will be a gold star next to the time you went to.
  • Tap on that class time, and you will be able to log your results for the main components of the workout from the day. Use the Notes section below each entry to type any modifications you made or weights you used. You can also type in any Buy Ins/Cash Outs that aren’t listed with the results. Only check the Rx box if you completed the WOD as prescribed. If you want your score to appear on the online Leaderboard, be sure to check the box that says Public, if you would like to keep  your scores to yourself do not click public!
  • Keep in mind, we will repeat WODs and retest maxes for the lifts and benchmarks as time goes on. To view your past scores, tap where it says History in blue next to the WOD name. This will pull up any past scores you’ve logged with a chart where you can see your progress over time.

Step #3 – Ask a coach for help!! 

  • We are here to help you! Please ask us if you are struggling with the app.



A. Every 2 minutes, for 24 minutes (12 sets):
Push Press x 1 rep

Build over the course of the 12 sets to today’s heavy.

B. For time:
Row 1000 Meters
50 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75 lbs)

C. Two or Three sets, not for time, of:
Bent-Over Barbell Row x 5-6 reps @ 2111
Rest 45 seconds
V-Ups x 30 reps
Rest 45 seconds



A. Every 3 minutes, for 24 minutes (8 sets):
Push Press x 5 rep

– Build to a moderate weight and maintain proper form.

B. For time:
Row 1000 Meters
5 Rounds:

5 Push Presses

5 Push-ups

C. Two or Three sets, not for time, of:
Bent-Over Barbell Row x 5-6 reps @ 2111
Rest 45 seconds
V-Ups x 30 reps
Rest 45 seconds



A. For Time:

1 mile run

100 push-ups

50 wall balls

2K Row

B. Three sets, not for time, of:
20x Snow-angles (face down) @ 4111 (can use small #2.5 plate if desired)
Rest 45 seconds
V-Ups x 20 reps
Rest 45 seconds


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