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Friday July 20, 2012 No Limits Bootcamp at Central Park


a:) 5 Minutes Burpie Broad Jumps

       -for distance

b:) For Time (15min cutoff)

      50 Burpies

      40 Goblet Squat Cleans

      30 KB Clean & Presses (15 each arm)

      20 Step-ups

      50 Burpies


6am Crew

Stacey 15:00 (Cut Off)
Andy 14:24RX
Ann 16:26RX
Allison 15:00(Cut Off)
Erin 15:20RX
Nick 15:00 (Cut Off)
Evan 20:00 (Cut Off)


Awesome job today everyone!!! Today’s WOD was BRUTAL and you all gave it everything you had!! Enjoy your weekend…Rest up and stretch!!


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