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Friday June 21, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Friday June 21, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Attention! Final Judges Meeting- Tonight (6/21/13) at 5:15pm… Please be there. We will discuss final details and set up WOD #1


Becky’s Competition Corner

It’s no secret that I love to compete.  From my early days as a youngster running sack races at the family picnic, to enduring a grueling cycling race which ends in an all out sprint,  to strategizing a hundreds workout to do “just enough” because every rep counts at the end of the weekend, competing fuels my fire.   The strategy behind the effort is just as important as the motivation of the athlete.  As we enter into this weekend’s competition, I want to share some insight I have learned along the way.

  1. Enjoy the Taper! You won’t gain anything by going hard Thursday or Friday.  For the games I usually start my taper 10 days out, and for a “B” competition a week out is fine, and “C” a few days is fine.  Volume reduced by 50 percent (for a B) is about the norm while maintaining some intensity.  I personally like to take Thursday off and then do a 5 minute Cindy the date before going about 70 percent.  If any body part starts to load up, switch it.  I personally need to suffer the day before a competition or I feel too mentally “soft.”
  2. Fuel Properly.  This is where you gain the most advantage over less experienced competitors.  Pay careful attention to what you are eating the week before, especially 2 days before comp.  What you eat Thursday fuels your body at the metabolic level for Saturday.  Up the carbs- so more sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and yes, even pasta.   I personally eat Haagen Daaz ice cream to up my caloric intake and fat that is critical to sustaining me through the weekend.  Dial in your electrolytes and make sure you are not over-diluting your system with just water.  Adding lemons (and even cucumber for taste) and a few pinches of salt to 16oz of water is a great way to hydrate your body.
  3. Have a strategy.  Know your workouts and how you will pace them.  Be aware of where your “friends”/competitors might have holes and capitalize on the workouts where you will excel.  At regionals I was watching my two key competitors during the 100’s workout.  I was on pistols while they were snatching and I could see them begin to fatigue.  I picked a pace that would allow me to pass them but also not kill me for the next day. It was fun!
  4. Have FUN! This is supposed to be fun.  It’s normal to be nervous, have butterflies, and not sleep the night before.  Bring some jams that get you motivated and keep it fun.  Surround yourself with the people that will “ease your stress” throughout the day or weekend.  Celebrate the small victories and try not to obsess on the mistakes or what could have been.   My friend told me after she didn’t meet her expectation in one of the regionals workouts, her coach noticed her sadness and said, “you have 3 minutes to be upset and then you need to start thinking about your next warmup.”

I’m excited to watch you all compete this weekend.  Give it your all, be smart and have A LOT of fun!!!



A1. Push press; 3x 5-6

rest 30sec

A2. AMRAP strict chin-ups

rest 2min x 3


WOD-10 min AMRAP 85% effort

10 HR pushups

10 box jumps step down

5 T2B

10 back extensions


(rest 5mins)


5 min all out

5 KBS (55/35)

5 burpees

10 walking lunge



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