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Friday June 3, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Friday June 3, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Shayla’s Corner 


Post #4

This week has sent me over the edge. I was a week behind on Game of Thrones, so when I finally caught up I wept privately and out loud.  They done killed Hodor. Lawddd have all the mercies!  Murph hurt and for the pain I am thankful.  Although bathing Tuesday was completely optional, I won’t complain about that one- it’s too important and I have integrity…. moving along

The highlight of my life really is talking to my son. He is so tangential and random I never know what he’s going to ask me or talk about (wonder where he gets that from)

Kaleo asked me seriously what would happen if zombies were real.  He asked how we’d kill them. I looked around my car in disappointment I gave nothing sharp enough to pierce the skull or the heart. I hate to admit we’re not ready- we’d die. I’m a failure as a parent and I have to protect him from the pending zombie apocalypse and red ants. So help me 7lb 6oz Baby Jesus!

  As I was promising to invest in baseball bats and machetes. An old school song by the Time came on the radio called “Gigolos Get Lonely Too.” My son curiously asked me what a gigolo was. I began to explain to him that a gigolo was a grown-up man who like to spend time with other grown-ups. He got so excited and told me that his daddy is a gigolo because he plays poker with other grown-ups when he goes to Las Vegas. I smiled and nodded my head in confirmation. He then told me when he’s a grown-up he wants to be a gigolo just like his daddy and a veterinarian.  I recommend he chooses the latter; a vet has health insurance ;-).

See this video that set my soul ablaze today. This isn’t your Mama’s Sesame Street

Happy June!




A. Every 5 minutes, for 30 minutes (6 sets):
Row 500 Meters
5 Thrusters (115/75 lbs)
10 Burpees Over the Barbell

B. Five sets of:
45 seconds of Front-Leaning Rest on Rings
Rest 15 seconds
45 seconds of Face-Up Chinese Planks
Rest 75 seconds



A. Every 5 minutes, for 35 minutes (7 sets):
Run 400 Meters
10 DB Thrusters
10 Burpees

*Record time after each set


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