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Friday Oct 14, 2011


"Why aren't I ever on the Blog"?



One of our coaches (HEATHER BUDDY) attempted to write “Rx” next to her name today and her WOD was not in fact prescribed. So, I wanted to clear up any confusion we may have in regards to this hot topic. I took the liberty of looking up Webster’s dictionary version of this word- “In accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle; not subject to individual determination”. I can also look up cheater if you would like.

4 Rounds for time: 135#/95#

15 Deadlift

12 Pull Ups

9 Front Squat

6 Shoulder to Overhead-Push Press, Push Jerk, or Split Jerk

Lynne 14:05

Nicolle 12:50

Tracy 12:36

Jamie 12:45

Sharon 12:55

Bill 15:45

Connie 16:55

Javier 14:30

Laura M. 14:24

Laurie K. 15:12

Jennifer 16:10

Tom 16:53


Mike W. 16:30


Jim R. 13:28

Katy 15;00

Travis 10:18 Rx

Aaron 16:22

Melissa 16:36

Liz 16:06

Laura R. 16:45

Kimi 16:00

Danielle 15:52

Heather 15:28

Nick M. 14:42 Rx

Trish 13:22

Sara 13:13











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