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Friday October 31, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Friday October 31, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO



We hope you all have a fun and safe night 

Nuggets & Pearls 1: Too Much Coffee

“I don’t want to call it advice. 

People stiffen up as soon as they feel your bark and the shove of your two-cents. As someone who has always made a habit out of talking loud and much too often, I can say that, as a communication tactic, it doesn’t get you far.

This is one of those lessons everybody gets in time. The only thing you’ve got any real control over is  your present self, on good days. People go along with the bark because they feel like they have to, damn social rules and all. It wouldn’t be cool if they told you to fuck off, so instead they stir their gin and tonic to death.

No, I would rather call the Nuggets & Pearls column a mere list of suggestions. This is experience, caffeine and loud desert rock talking mostly, so I hope that sets the proper expectations. I don’t aim to change your mind, I just think this stuff might leave you better off in the gym.”



A1. HANGING power clean – 5×5

A2. Muscle ups – 5×5

DEATH by power clean and jerk x16 minutes

Males Rx – 95#

Females Rx – 55#

EMOM add a repetition – minute 1 = 1 rep, minute 2 = 2 reps, etc.

*If you fail to complete all required repetitions in that minute you begin the next minute as a restart at 1


WOD: Intervals – 8 ROUNDS – 110% Max Effort
250 Meter Row
200 Meter Run

1:00 REST

* Goal is all out sprint and to try to maintain time throughout
* Each person on their own clock once they get started – stress only 1 minute rest

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