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Friday September 14th, 2012 -CrossFit Stapleton


Friday September 14th, 2012 -CrossFit Stapleton

A book you should all read…

Lights Out By: Spencer Abraham, William Tucker

In this timely book, former Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham debunks the myths that warp our current debate over energy, and offers new solutions to the real problems we face in America.

Drawing on the very latest thinking from experts in industry and academia, and his own experiences running America’s Energy Department, he proposes a fresh approach to meeting our daunting energy threats.  This book effectively answers how America and the world can overcome the challenges of rising global energy demand, geopolitical disruptions of the energy marketplace, and the environmental impact of producing and using energy.  What emerges is a pragmatic energy strategy that calls for blending a variety of energy sources including nuclear, clean coal, solar, wind, and natural gas with a more determined effort at improving energy efficiency through the deployment of smart energy grids and buildings, to help meet our challenges while preserving our economy and environment.

Coming in the midst of a national debate about global warming, energy dependence and rising energy prices and rich with anecdotes from the author’s service in the Senate and cabinet, this book is a clarion call that will help shape our energy future

4 Rounds of:

Max Reps Chest to Bar Pull Ups in 2 Minutes    
1 Minute Rest

Max Reps Push Press in 2 Minutes (165, 115)
    1 Minute Rest


Name Max Pull-ups Max P. Press
Gerrit 47 58
Michelle 64 36
Steve 49 59
Nick 98 35
Ed 80 82
Jeremy 72RX 39
Galo 129RX 71
Javier 105 61
Justin 89RX 52
Jen 80 63
Tom 87 46
Dave 114RX 39
Travis 86 CTB 108 RPU
Christina 70 40
Justin 61 38
Kim 101 66
Tara 70 60
Steve 60 2rds 70
Ryan 80 47
Greg 54 46
Joyce 23 65
Jodee 61 60
Sarah B 50 61
Mike 99 54


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