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  • Here at CF Stapleton we have a different approach to training. We believe that the group mentality and camaraderie of CrossFit is a great way to reach your ideal goals, but it must be done in a safe and effective manner. The number one responsibility of our coaching staff is to prevent injury. Our goal is to train an athlete that can stay healthy and fit for life, not to train an athlete that is fit for a month or two. This is how CF Stapleton differentiates itself.

    That’s exactly why our onboarding process is unlike any other CrossFit out there. To start off we use a very in depth PAR-Q or Pre-activity Readiness Questionnaire. This tells us all about you, your lifestyle, nutritional practices, and any pre-existing injuries you may have had in the past. We then put you onto our Biometric Scale that tells us everything about your body’s composition. This is a great way for us to set goals and track your results.

    To complete the assessment we run through a baseline workout. We will record your score and retest in 90 days! The only way you know where you’re going is to know where you’ve been!

  • Free Assessment

    Complete your Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire (Membership Application).

    Once you’ve decided to improve your health and fitness it’s time to schedule a 60-minute free assessment with one of our private coaches. First, you’ll meet your private coach, who will explain our methodology to developing fitness as well as CrossFit Stapleton’s application of CrossFit. From there we will take you through your our initial assessment, where we will discuss your goals and run through a baseline WOD (workout of the day)!


    We offer all interested athletes a free week. We encourage you to check out all of our programs (CrossFit, BootcampRX, YogaRX, etc.) and ask questions! Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding classes, workouts, recovery, nutrition, etc.

  • Group Classes

    After your free week its time to pick your membership and sign up!

    At CFS, we keep strive to ensure that each client feels confident, supported and motivated to work at the intensity that’s right for them. Our coaches will guide you along each class by helping you customize the workout to best suit your individual needs.

    During group classes, you’ll push yourself and sweat it out with like-minded individuals, as you compete with yourself (and others, if you choose) for rounds, time, points, glory, emotional satisfaction and personal growth.

    You will reach new physical and emotional levels you didn’t think were possible, and you will undoubtedly find yourself with a new social and support network, who will help you on your continued path to greater health and happiness.

    Our principle that we believe in is there are never more than a maximum of 12:1 student to coach ratio. This ensures you will continue to receive technical coaching as your CrossFit and fitness abilities improve.