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Happy Turkey Day! November 22, 2012- CrossFit Stapleton


Happy Turkey Day! November 22, 2012- CrossFit Stapleton

Thanksgiving Day TEAM WOD!


In teams of four, complete the following 4-part WOD in any order your team chooses.

Teams must complete an entire WOD before moving on to the next…

Score is total time minus total reps

WOD 1:

2K Row

AMRAP Double Unders

– As a team, complete a 2K row. Break it up however you like. Only 1 rower is allowed per team. While a teammate is rowing the other 3 members will be doing AMRAP Double Unders. Can’t double under? AMRAP mountain climbers at a 2 count…


WOD 2:

150m OH Lunge(#25/#15)

AMRAP: Burpees, KB Swings (#55/#35), PVC OHS

– One designated team member will OH lunge 200m. While they are completing this task, the other 3 will get AMRAP in: burpees, KB swings, and PVC OHS. Whatever movement you choose to start with is the movement you must stick with.


WOD 3:

5min AMRAP Rope Climb- 15ft

– Only one rope can be used per team. In 5 minutes get AMRAP rope climbs between the 4 team members. Plan your attack for this WOD. Only one person can be on the rope at a time. Sub for rope climb will be 5 pull-ups (this equals 1 climb up and down). Everyone must attempt the rope or go to the sub at least once. 


WOD 4:

Heavy Group Farmers Carry Around the Building (#270)

– As a team you must farmers carry 2 bars loaded up with #135 each around the building. 2-3 members can be lifting the bar at one time while 1-2 walk along side those carrying the weight. Teammates must cross finish-line together. Bar must be carried the whole way, no rolling. Every person must carry the bar at lease one time. 



Team 1
Kyle F
Sara C 20
Lisa P
Team 2
Laura R
Adam 12
Jeff J
Cindy B
Team 3
Cindy 11 WIN!
Nancy V
Jen J
Team  4
John C 18.5
Team 5
Tom H
Jeff H 12.5
Team 6
Amy S 14.5
Jason B
Team 7
Leslie G Injury =(

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