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Holly and Matt: Success beyond the numbers

It was mid-May when Holly Rotach and Matt Staub stepped up to take on one of the biggest challenges around: their health and well-being.

Holly and Matt joined up with CrossFit Stapleton and made a commitment to the 90-Day Challenge. Along with the support of CrossFit Stapleton coaches/co-owners Emilio and Nicolle DiPretoro, resident CFS nutrition expert and coach Tayler Upton, and coach Greg Sands, Holly and Matt spent three months focused on improving their health, transforming their bodies, revamping their diet and becoming the best Holly and Matt they could be.

So what was the end result…..?

Before front & profile pics of 90-day challenger Matt Staub.

Before front & profile pics of 90-day challenger Matt Staub.

After photos of 90-day challenger Matt Staub.

After photos of 90-day challenger Matt Staub.

NAME: Matt Staub
WEIGHT: Before – 218; After 186
NET WEIGHT LOSS: 32 pounds
BODY FAT PERCENTAGE: Before – 33%; After 21%

Before photos of 90-day challenger Holly Rotach.

Before photos of 90-day challenger Holly Rotach.

After photos of 90-day challenger Holly Rotach

After photos of 90-day challenger Holly Rotach

NAME: Holly Rotach
WEIGHT: Before – 176; After – 163
NET WEIGHT LOSS:  13 pounds
BODY FAT PERCENTAGE: Before – 33.7%, After – 31.1%

Well, Holly and Matt stepped up to the challenge, that’s for sure.

The before-and-after pictures and the numbers – a combined 45 pounds lost in 90 days – tell only a part of the story though.

The real reward and the measure of success can be seen in the smiles.

A commitment to health and wellness, to working out and eating right for 90 days went far deeper than a mere physical transformation.

Are you looking to transform yourself the same way Holly and Matt did? Then stop sitting around and start putting in the work! Surround yourself with the same community of support and commitment that benefitted Holly and Matt at CrossFit Stapleton.

Getting started at CrossFit Stapleton is simple. It begins with a 60-minute consultation with a certified coach before you learn the philosophies, principles and basic movements of CrossFit – this will set you up for success. Upon the completion of the beginners course, you get to choose the commitment you make to CrossFit Stapleton and to yourself. Just know this, CrossFit Stapleton is an energetic and competitive facility dedicated to performance, fitness and the building of community. You’ll be supported by your CrossFit Stapleton community not only at the gym and during community-building activities (like BBQs!!), but also 24/7 via Facebook and @StapletonCF on Twitter.

Looking for an even greater challenge? Then join your CrossFit Stapleton family in taking on the Whole Life Challenge.

The Whole Life Challenge asks you to commit to challenging yourself for eight weeks and take control of your health and well-being, and offers cash and prizes as incentives for doing so… as if improving your health and well-being weren’t incentive enough, right? Registration for the Fall 2013 Whole Life Challenge, which kicks off on Sept. 7th, is only $49 and gets you access to an on-line community of challengers and puts you in direct competition with athletes worldwide.

Don’t delay! Whether you’re looking to begin your transformation or just looking to take yourself to the next level, make the commitment today knowing that your CrossFit Stapleton family will be there to support you at every step.


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