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MOBILITY Monday July 29, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Fall 2013 Whole Life Challenge Registration Opens Thursday

Take the next step in making a commitment to your health and wellness while competing with others world wide by joining CrossFit Stapleton in the Fall 2013 Whole Life Challenge starting September 7.

Registration opens this Thursday, August 1 for the 8-week health and fitness game that stresses performance, body transformation and accountability. Sign up early, between August 1-7, for the discounted price of $44, or register by the start date of September 7 for $49.

Visit the CrossFit Stapleton Whole Life Challenge page for more information and details, and stay tuned in to the CrossFit Stapleton website and Facebook pages for more info coming soon.

Episode 53: Muscle up, Wall ball Prep

Workout of the Day

A. EMOM- Back Squat @20X1 x 3 – 6mins (speed focus) 60-70% of 1rm
B. Back squat 8, 4, 2, 2; rest 2-3mins
C. DB RFESS 5-6/leg; rest 1min btw legs x 3
3 AMRAP sets:
Unbroken wall balls 20/14 scale as needed
-rest 5min btw attempts
(for ones that cannot do one large set you will do 50-75 wall balls for time)

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