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Mobility Mondays August 5, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Episode 38: Lower Body Pillow Sleeping Support; Overextension and the KB Swing

Stop overextending whilst sleeping
Help the downstream overextension by opening upstsream




A1. Close Grip Bench Press @20X1 x 2-4; rest 60-90sec

A2. DB bent torso row @30X1; 7-8/arm; rest 60-90sec x 4

B. EMOM – Split Jerk technique work (light) x 3 – 6mins

8 rounds for time:
8 KBS 2/1.5pd scale as needed
4 HSPU (hold/ecentric/on knees etc. your choice scale)
2 MU (6 chinups 6 dips scale)

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