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Monday April 8, 2013

Saturated Fats and Cholesterol


4 Rounds for max reps:

2 Minute row for calories

Rest 1 min

1 Minute hand release push ups

Rest :30 seconds

1 Minute Sit Ups (anchored)

Rest 3 min


Congratulations to the following CFS folks:

Tayler Upton- 144 in the Southwest (100 better than last year)

Rob Mathes 290 in the Southwest

Jennifer Hanzlick 89 in Southwest Masters

Kim Ezrine- 40th in Southwest Masters

Tracy DiLorenza- 56 in Southwest Masters

Liz Hall- 22 in Southwest Masters

Gregg Sand- 57 in the Southwest Masters

Emilio DiPretoro 46 in the Southwest Masters

Sean Sexton 17 in the Southwest Masters

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