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Monday January 13, 2014 (Happy Birthday Nicolle!)


Monday January 13, 2014 (Happy Birthday Nicolle!)

Attention CFS! 40th ave (between Central Park blvd and Havana) will be closed tomorrow…

We are unsure when it will reopen but we will keep you posted. Please plan your drive accordingly!  

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Make sure to wish Nicolle a happy 4oth birthday today!!!!

We love you Nicolle… We hope that you have an awesome day!

For those doing the 2014 open:
We are in an “intensification stage”. This is a period where the intensity is high, strength is maintained, and skills are sharpened. If you are doing the open, and you take it seriously, then you have prepared all year for the 5 week competition. Your goal as an athlete is to become the best 8-12 minute; mixed mode athlete you can be, between now and the open. At this point, “strength” work is to keep your CNS active (not to get “stronger” necessarily). Do mobilization daily and practice recovery. You should also begin to test “nutrition practices”. Especially pre WOD.

CF games 2014

New to CrossFit? Check out what the open is here:

There will be a lot of chatter going on at the gym about this huge event! Please don’t hesitate to ask a coach for details about the 2014 open….

A. Push Press. Build to 2RM @12X1 in 12 min.

B. EMOM Power Clean TnGx2. Build per set to a tough double. start around 50% of 1RM

21-15-9 for time:
Ring dip
Pull ups

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