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Monday, July 11


Monday, July 11














Snatch 3-3-3-1-1-1

Rest 5:00


:20 work

:10 rest

1:00 rest after every 10th interval OR 5th Minute

Air Dyne/Row/Ball Slams/DU’s sub for DU’s is Wall Balls

Rotate group to next station every 5th minute or (10th interval)


No actual scores to post b/c of the personalized nature of the WOD. Welcome aboard Aaron, Adam, and Seth to the “ButtCrack Early” Crew at CFS-we look forward to seeing you grow. First time we worked the snatch under a substantial load.

Remember, “When the arms bend the power ends”. This refers to an athlete blowing off the opening of the hips and shrug in favor of an upright row.

Be patient coming out of the squat and create that momentum from the pockets through the middle. Bottom of the pockets should resemble your body after an all out 1 mile run. ….Bent over with hands on thighs about to barf-now just stick a barbell in your hands!

Commit to ripping your body under that bar and push up the whole time (once in the OHS/receiving position).

A lot of folks were  waaaay to wide in the landing/receiving stance-which is normal. You may be widening your base due to mental uncertainty. Your landing is your normal air squat stance. Lastly, any issues you have with your regular squat is magnified exponentially when you go overhead. Good work and be patient.   Check out this generalized tutorial and visualize how you are going to execute next time!

Congrats Travis on adding 20# to your last Snatch!


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