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Monday July 7, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Monday July 7, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO



CFS- Please keep Matt Chan (local games athlete and owner of CrossFit Verve) in your thoughts and prayers… He was in a terrible mountain biking accident over the weekend. Below is an update on his current status… Get well soon Matt!!


“Well, I was celebrating Independence Day with Cherie on the West Mag trails near Nederland. Somewhere on Hobbit3 I popped over a downed tree at moderate speed. As I hit the other side, my bar crossed and dug into the ground. My groin took the other end of this impact. After 2-3 minutes of extremely unsettled rolling around on the trail, I stopped to look at the lump inside my bike shorts… Which was bigger than usual. It was clear that I hit either a vein or an artery, as a liter and a half of blood had already accumulated. Couldn’t stand, couldn’t walk, couldn’t straighten my leg. A rescue performed by Boulder, Nederland, and Flight For Life agencies got me to St. Anthony’s Central, a Level1 trauma hospital. Immediate surgery to repairs large severed femoral veins and 3 fasciaotomies to relieve pressure and I’m ok. One inch down and I would have severed my femoral artery and wouldn’t be typing this. Thanks for all well wishing, prayers, and love. I’m doing pretty good. I have a boat load of staples after the repair of the veins and a ton more coming to close up the fasciaotomies. Thank you to everyone who helped evacuate me from the trail. Love you all!”

– Matt Chan


A. Back Squat; 5, 5, [5], [5]

*Bracketed sets = tough sets (80%+) 


B. EMOM- 12min

1st min: 5x loaded strict pull-ups (build # each set) 

2nd min: 20x OH Walking Lunges (45#/25#)

3rd min: Rest


C. Team Interval Row (For total meters) 

0:40 work/0:20 rotate x12 rotations 

*teams of 3

*one person rows at a time



 AMRAP 16min
15 Wall Ball Shots (20#/14#)
10  Strict Pull-Up (supinated grip)
5 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)


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