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Monday March 27, 2017 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


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Congrats on Finishing the 2017 Open Everyone!!!!!

Both to those who were registered and to those who were not!!!! It was a team effort.

We would suggest taking this week to recover!

You will notice that the programing is on the lighter side this week – that is intentional! It is extremely important for you to give you body a rest after the last 5 weeks of fun!

Take a Few Days Off (or come on in and foam roll), Eat Lots of Good Food, and HYDRATE!

We Will Get Back to Hitting it Hard Next Week.

Great Job Everyone!!!

We are SO Proud of Your Efforts this Open Season!!





A. Deadlift

*Set 1 – 50% x 6 reps

*Set 2 – 55% x 5 reps

*Set 3 – 60% x 4 reps

*Set 4 – 65% x 3 rep

*Set 5 – 70% x 3 rep

*Set 6 – 75-80% x 3 rep

Rest 3 minutes between sets.

– This is NOT a 3RM Day… Stick to the % recommendations.

B. Three rounds for time of:

400 Meter Run

40 Double-Unders

20 Alternating FR-Reverse Lunges with DB (50/35)



A. Deadlift

5×6 (keep it light – work on Tn’G)

Rest 3 minutes between sets

B. Three rounds for time of:

400 Meter Run

:30 DU attempts

20 BW Alternating Reverse Lunges



A. 5 Rounds for Time:

500m row

20 Wall Ball Shots (light enough to go UB)

400m run

B. 3 Rounds – NFT:

5 Wall Walks

5 Heavy KB SDHP

5 L-Sit Leg Lifts (w/ :03 pause at the top)



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