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Monday September 2, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Monday September 2, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Why have you not signed up for the Whole Life Challenge yet?

What is your excuse?

There is no reason for you to not want to make a change and take on a challenge to bettering yourself. You have nothing to lose, only room to improve.

Nutrition should be your #1 importance…

You are only in the gym between 3-6hrs a week. What are you doing the extra 162 hours?

Results are achieved OUTSIDE the gym. How you recover, refuel, and live life outside the gym is going to determine how successful you will be at achieving your goals.

Dial in your nutrition now and set yourself up for a lifetime of good health.

Sign up today


WLC 2013

Please join us for a KickOff BBQ Friday September 6th at 5:30pm… CFS will provide the meat! Please bring a side/dessert and any drinks you may want to have the night before we begin our 8 week challenge… Cheat meals/drinks this night will not be frowned upon.

As we eat our final (and possibly ‘non-paleo’) dinner together we can discuss tips and tricks for making your Whole Life Challenge a success! We look forward to seeing you… spouses and kids are more than welcome!

We will have a sign up sheet at the gym where you can mark down what you are planning on bringing so we don’t end up getting 6 different batched of Billy T’s famous maple bacon chocolate chip paleo cookies… Even though that may not be a terrible thing!





A1. Push press @12X1; 6, 4, 2; rest 90sec 

A2. Ring/Pendlay row @20X1; 3-10; rest 90sec 


B. EMO3M (every min on 3min): Thruster for Max Reps/Set (unbroken)

Set 1: 115/85 (0:00)

Set 2: 95/65 (3:00)

Set 3: 75/45 (6:00)

Set 4: WallBall 24#/14# (9:00)



10min AMRAP

5 chin ups

10 pushups

15 situps

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