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No Limits Bootcamp at Central Park Monday July 16, 2012

I want to give a shout ot to Evan who joined us a few weeks ago!!  He has put everything into these workouts and his eagerness makes me smile!!  Keep it up!


Partner WOD: 15 Min AMRAP

Partner A holds bell above head while partner B completes 10 Burpees. Then
partner B holds bell while partner A completes 10 Burpees. (each completes 10
Burpees) (20 points)
Partner A completes 20 swings while partner B completes as many sit ups as
possbile. Then Partner B completes swings while partner A completes as many
sit ups as possible (each completing 20 swings) (40 points)
Together complete 30 goblet squats. One person working at a time, one
resting. (30 points)


Erin & Karen    270 points

Evan, Allison & Stacey   270 points

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