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November 18th , Saturday


November 18th , Saturday


Team WOD

Goblet Squats #55/#35



Goblet squat partner performs reps until your partner tags you, then, move  quickly to the rower, row 200m , then move to pushups, complete as many as you can until your partner tags you.  Winner s were judged on Full range of motion movements and the grand total of reps each team achieved.

8:15 AM

Taylor, Tara, Avra  = 433

Cindy , Adam, Melissa= 415

Katie, Lisha, Jeff= 390

Jeremy, Nick , Hanzlick= 468 RX( smarter than the coach and they won)

Kelly, Tom, Nancy= 397

Laura, David, Connie =503

9:15 am

Bencomo, Laura, Dex = 437 ( winners)

Zac, Greg, Abby = 438

Cynthia, Amy, Trisch= 494

Julian, Erica, Liz = 469




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