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Nutrition Seminar this Saturday 10:30am


Nutrition Seminar this Saturday 10:30am

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, little starch, some fruit and no sugar.¬†Stay away from grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol and all processed foods. Eat as our hunter-gathers ancestors did.”


This Saturday January12, 2013 coach Tayler Upton will be hosting CrossFit Stapleton’s first monthly nutrition seminar at 10:30am following the 9:15 CrossFit class…


This first seminar will cover:

– What is the Paleo diet?
– What are the benefits of the paleo diet
– Why do we eliminate grains, dairy, legumes, alcohol and processed foods?
– How to easily make the transition from our current nutrition habits to paleo
– How to sustain eating paleo forever.. not just 30 days!

– 15 minute question and answer session at the end

Please email if you are interested in attending this seminar.


FREE to CFS clients!



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