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Peaking for an Event or a Race


Peaking for an Event or a Race

Peaking for an event or a race does not just happen. Months, even years of preparation are required for events such as the CrossFit Games, CF Open, bike racing, etc.. Peaking at the right time requires setting goals for yourself and requires the discipline to establish the priorities needed to achieve those goals. Self Discipline is enhanced and priorities are more easily established if you have goals to work toward. One goal might be to set a new PR on a workout you have done or course you have raced before, another is to win your age category at a particular event/race.

Are you doing any events this year? Which ones?

Do you have your sights set on a particular PR in the gym?

If so, what are your goals?

Goals should be established early in the season.

Base your goals on your past performances, and your body’s physical and bio mechanical capabilities.


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