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Ryan L


Ryan L

“I’ve been reading about the science of nutrition for ten years or so, and in my mind the paleo diet is well-supported scientifically, despite the evolutionary argument for it being utter nonsense.  My nutrition was poor for practical reasons.  I live alone, so I had to prepare every meal for myself if or eat out.  Time is limited.  Previously when I cooked veggies, they tasted like garbage.

I saw Tayler’s program as a economical and convenient way to dramatically increase my cooking ability.  I would get a week’s worth of food, but equally important was the intellectual property she put on the table.  Having cooked with her since shortly after I started at CFS, I have a notebook of around 150 recipes that are tested and delicious, and I have the working knowledge to prepare them.  One day Tayler will leave me, but what I learned from her will carry on.”

“I am stronger now and less fat.  I fit into clothes that are smaller and generally look better whether wearing them or not.  Injuries to one’s back, neck, and shoulders are common in my profession, and I now have a lot more confidence in my ability to do my job in the long-term.  I have more energy as well.”

-Ryan L

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