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Saturday April 11, 2015 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

CF Journal Article

“If you don’t continue your education and continue learning, you’re not going to get exposed to new ideas to add onto what you already know and are learning. And if you’re at a point where you think you know everything, you’ve failed as a coach.”

—Chandler Walker, owner of CrossFit StoneAgeFuel in Nevada

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Teams of 2

50 Partner Burpees*
400m med ball run (20/14) (tradeoff who holds)
50 synchronized pushups (50 each move together)
400m med ball run (20/14)
50 synchronized ab mat situps (50 each)
400m med ball run (20/14)
50 Partner Burpees*

*P1 does a burpee and performs a lateral jump over your partner and back, lay down then P2 does the same

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