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Saturday April 5, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Don’t forget about YOGA today at 9:15…


Time to recover our bodies and relax a bit after the Open! 

Yoga is FREE to all CFS Members!

3 Part Partner WOD
Part 1
P1- Holds plank for 3 minutes
P2- AMRAP DUs (can only do DU’s while partner is holding plank)
– rest as needed btw partners
Score= Total DU completed

Part 2

P1- Rows 1k/Runs 1200 meters
P2- AMRAP Tire Strikes (w/ sledge hammer)
Score= Subtracted AMRAP score (seconds) from your Row/Run time
Part 3
P1+P2- Max wall sit (Combine times)


Score= Combined total times

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