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Saturday January 28, 2011


Saturday January 28, 2011

Team W.O.D.

Position 1- Row 250 Meters

Position 2- Athlete Choice of KBS 55#/35#, Box Jumps 24″/20″, DU’s, Wall Balls, Ball Slams 30#/20#-feel free to change it up

Position 3- Resting


The first team to 5K wins

:20 second penalty assessed for resting at work station

(Work on smooth transitions)

Nick M. / Ryan/Larry- 21:11

Laura M. /Amy/ Ack-23:40

Trey/ Karen C. Sara C -26:18

Galo/ Connie/ Cherstyn-23:40

Reno/ Megan/ Dominiques-23:14

Katie G./ Cindy B. Jeff J. -22:40


Sorry for those of you that missed it, because Erin Okonek put on a seminar that we ALL learned from. Her training methodology, technical attention to detail, and enthusiasm for OLY lifts are second to none. Thanks to you Erin and all our CFS athletes serious about becoming better Cross-Fitters…..we will have to get her back in here again.

Learning never gets old.



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