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Saturday January 31, 2015 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO



My Zone Update!

Ohh yeah! The 2015 MyZone Challenge is heating up! Take a look at the most recent leaderboard – looks like your hard work both inside AND outside of the gym is really paying off! Several athletes have now hit the goal of earning more than 3,000 MEPs! Steph W., Jason A., Leslie G., and TMoney!

Please share in the comments below – what has been the most fun, rewarding or surprising part of incorporating MyZone into your workout routine?

Keep up the great work, CFS. There are two weeks left to earn those points!


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WOD 1 – Tabata for Total Reps (4 sets each):

Ring Rows
DB Push Press (30/20)
Chin to Knees
Prison Squats (45/35)

– Score = Total Reps
WOD 2 – 3 Rounds for Time w/ Partner:

300m Row
10 Burpees
20 Jumping Squats

P1 Works While P2 Rests!

– Score = Total Time

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