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Saturday March 30, 2013 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


The key to continued adaptation to Stress is the timely removal of the stimulus so that the organism’s function can recover. This is also known as Periodization.


Muscle up with Laura Galassi 

Biggest takeaway- Prerequisites!!! Do the foundational work or don’t ask why?


OLY Strength and technique

A) Power Snatch x 1, Squat Snatch x 2, OHS x 3; 5 sets (last 2 tough-goal is 70% 1RM OHS); Rest 3 b/t


METCON- 5 Rounds for Time:

Row 200/Run 250m/A/D .3

10 Deadlift @ 55% 1 RM

15 Hand Release Push Ups

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