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Saturday November 21, 2015 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

This is what Straight up Domination looks like…


T-Minus 6 days until this food drive WOD is over!!

Keep those donations coming!!!



Team Sled Push Relay Race – 8 minute AMRAP

*Break class into two teams, each team decides how much weight to put on sled

Set up cones 25M out (for a total of 50M)

Each time they do 50M – 1 Round

Multiply the number of rounds by the weight to get winner!

*If the weather is nasty outside, we will sub this for an overhead walking lunge relay with plates!

WOD – Teams of 2:

Run 600m w/med ball (20/14)

60 wall balls (20/14)

60 step ups/box jumps

60 push press (45/35)

60 partner med ball tosses

60 bar facing burpees

run 600m w/med ball

*both partners run 600m together

*med ball can’t touch the ground the ENTIRE WORKOUT – if it does: both partners perform: 100m penalty run


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