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Saturday Oct. 1, 2011

Partner W.O.D.

1) 100 Wall Balls split total 20#/12# Handstand Hold – If either breaks then you switch positions.

2) 2k Row/Dead Lift Hold 205#/165# -when DL hold breaks then you switch positions.

3) 100 Box Jumps split total b/t partners-Alternating

4) 60 Goblet Squat Cleans Each 55#/35#/ Wall sit position with hands straight out in front of you. If either breaks then you switch positions.

5) 400 meter Farmer shuffle with Kettlebells 55#/35#

Cheaters will be dealt with in typical Burpee fashion.

I took the liberty of pairing husband and wives together….post- WOD marriage counseling will be available on site. (free of charge of course).



Heather & Mike W. 28:07 Rx (Gold Medal)

Jim & James 29:37 Rx

Tom & Pilar 36:30

Melissa & Jeremy 36:35

Laura M. & Connie 36:52

Travis & Nick Rx AKA “Grub and Worm” 30:26

Lisha & Michael 31;45

Melissa & Stacy 33:03

Adam & Reno 32:04




21-18-15-12-9-6-3   reps of:

  • Wall Balls
  • KBS
  • Sit Ups

Jeff Rx 13:24

Julie 5:50

Clint Rx 10:53

Jason 10:35

This was a long chipper….which is a good mental test once in a while. Good Luck to Laura Reynolds in the MEDTRONICS Twin Cities Marathon. Great to have Jim’s son James join us for the partner WOD and we hope to see you again.

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