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Saturday October 18, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Saturday October 18, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


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2nd WINE & DINE NIGHT will be held on NOVEMBER 8th!

Sushi Night Menu


Traditional Miso Soup



A wide variety of sushi rolls

Sushi Rolls to include:

Spicy Tuna

California Roll

Sweet Potato Tempura Roll

…And many other creations!

Traditional dessert:

Banana Tempura and Green Tea Ice Cream

Each couple will be responsible for making a few rolls then we will cut them into individual pieces and share all of the different rolls together!

We will have multiple types of sushi grade fish, veggies, and condiments for you to utilize so you can custom design your own specialty rolls.

You will learn how to make perfect sushi rice, how to properly slice fish and veggies for sushi, and most importantly you will learn the skill of sushi rolling (not an easy  task!).

This is be a very hands on and fun event, be sure to come hungry and ready to learn!

Registration opens TODAY at NOON!
This event will sell out fast so be ready to register…
Cost for this event will be $85/couple + your beverage of choice (BYOB)




Kettlebell Swing Challenge
30 seconds on/30 seconds off x10
Mens Rx – 55#
Womens Rx – 35#

Rest 8 minutes

For time – 3000m Row
Groups of 3 – Male/Female mix
One person working at a time
Members row 250m and rotate
ALL OUT when you’re on the rower

Rest 8 minutes

PT Challenge- Partner up – one partner works, one count
2 minute AMRAP pushup – Partner 1
2 minute AMRAP pushup – Partner 2
2 minute AMRAP situps – Partner 1
2 minute AMRAP situps – Partner 2




‘CINDY’- 20min AMRAP:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-up

15 Air Squats

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