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Saturday October 27, 2012 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, Colorado

If you want something in your life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something, you’ve never done…

~JD Houston 

How to stay mentally strong…Breaking the Mental Barrier



EMOTM for 10 Minutes:

Turkish Get-ups  (as heavy as possible; 1 rep each arm)


15 min team AMRAP:

9 Kettle Bell Swings (#55/#35)
7 Box Jumps (24/20)
5 Hand Stand Push-ups (Mod-Push Press @ 55% of 1RM)

*As one athlete is working the other athlete is holding a plank position.  Switch only after full rounds. Plank on the elbows or palms is allowed, but no butts in the air!  If you cannot hold a quality plank position, go on your knees*

Teams Rounds Rx?
Kim/Katie 15 Rx
Steve P/Tom 3+7
Jackie/Meghan 3+12
Christina/Justin 14+5
Lisa/Danielle 14
Rachel/Jason B 7+2
Brent/Michael H 14+12
Paula/Shane 13+9
Gerrit/Jason S 13+5
Amy/Jessika 14+11
Connie/France 14
Kim/Joyce 12+14
Tara/Pilar 13 Rx
Cassidy/Amy 15+7
Wade/Galo 18+20
Jen/Tracy 7+18 Rx
Mark/Aaron 13+16

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