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Saturday October 29, 2011


Saturday October 29, 2011

After watching Emilio compete in the Colorado open at Front Range CrossFit, there was a realization that people in the 35-50 age range could work toward something real. The tangible goal is to put together a solid team from CFS to compete in future events. Are you interested? If so, put it on the goal board and I promise we will get you ready. The programming for this event was top notch,  and tomorrow we will give WOD #1 our all….so you can check results at to see where you rack and stack in regards to top Colorado Masters competitors.



FRCF Masters Colorado Open Event #1

For Time:

1000 Meter Row

75 Wall Bals

500 M Row

25 Pull Ups


Nicolle D. 12:20  Row Rx

Sean S. 11:13 Row Rx

Cindy 14:40 Row

Nick M. 13:06 Row Rx

Laura 15:06 Row

Travis 11:48 Row Rx

Aaron 16:10 Row Rx

Jason 16:13 Row

Katie 14:50 Row

Michael 13:54 Row

Trish 14:45 Row

Galo 13:30 Congrats to Galo on a 3:24 1K Row

Reno 15:36 Run

Jim 15:35 Run

Dave 22:52 Run

Connie 17:56 Run

Tracy 18:14 Run

Tom 19:05 Run

Amy 20:15 Run

Nancy 20:18 Run

Stephanie ? Run



Elements Class


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