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Saturday September 10, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Saturday September 10, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO



We are excited to announce that starting THIS Saturday we will be offering Open Gym EVERY Saturday from 7-11AM

From 9-11AM (after our 7-8am classes) we will have a L1 coach on the floor monitoring open gym! Come on in and lift, WOD, mobilize, or just chill! The coach on the floor is there to help you with anything you need, and keep a watchful eye on you while you workout. 

We hope you enjoy our expanded hours! 

Please email with questions.



For time: With a Buddy –

Row 2000m

  • Every 2 minutes BOTH partners must complete 5 synchronized burpees, and then switch!

1 mile run

  • Every 400m BOTH partners must complete 20 med-ball sit-ups, and then switch!

500 DUs

– Split up however 

  • At the 250 mark partners must complete 50 partner wall balls together

IE: One person stands slightly to the right, and one slightly to the left of the target. P1 hits a wall ball that fall towards their teammate. P2 will receive that ‘pass’ off the wall, and complete the same movement back to partner 1. This would equal 2 reps.


  • Only one person can work at the time!


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