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Saturday September 31, 2016 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

Your 2016 Pumkin Games Teams!

Pumpkin Games

The Quad Squad

Tommy, Carisa, Greg Z, Lora Z


Squash Snatch

Josh N, Carla, Staci, Israel



Erin, Brett, Mike J, Danielle


 The 4 Squash-keteers 

Lauren, Matt J, Cassie, Will


Champagne in the Membrane

Javier, Amy, Jeff, Charity


Jacked O’ Lanterns

Allison, Ryan, Ronnie, Rita


Witch Slappers

Tina, Terry, Michelle, Chris


The Crunchy Leaves 

Krista, Fernando, Jason D, Shayla


Smashing Pumpkins

Todd, Nicolle, Mike B, Trisha B


Pumpkin WODders

Matt B, Kayla, Aarti, Simao



For Overall time-

5 Rounds of:

250 meter run/row

10 Toes to Bar

– Rest 5 minutes

50 Burpees

– Rest 5 minutes

5 Rounds of:

250 meter row/run

10 Wall Balls

– 1/2 class will start with rowers and the other 1/2 with running. Switch for part 3.



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