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Steve K

“When I first started at CFS I was around 225 lbs, and had not been under 200 lbs since high school. In my first six months at CFS I lost around 10 lbs, but was still eating poorly. Just switching to the weekly meal preparation plan about 8 months ago had a great effect on me. I gradually lost another 10 pounds over the first 5 months that we worked with Tayler, and fluctuated between 210 and 205.. When I decided to do the Masters competition, I decided to make a concerted effort to see what I could do. By focusing on my diet and following Tayler’s plan, I was able to get down to around 195 lb (and briefly down to 190). Since I started in 2012, I have also lost around 10% body fat. Dropping the weight certainly makes all the bodyweight WODs easier!”
“My favorite moment with Tayler is when I told her that I actually had a craving for vegetables. I think she about fainted.”
– Steve K

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