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Success Stories

Colleen B (Member since September 2015)

“I trust that every day I walk into CFS I am welcomed, encouraged, and motivated by the coaches and other athletes. CrossFit is my breath of fresh air and my haven from life as a student.” I am a PhD
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Dan T (Member since November 2015)

“I went to some other programs before and this was the first program that allowed me to adjust to my skill level.” Background… I am 17. I started CF last year. When did you join CrossFit Staplet
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 Amy S (Member since Summer of 2012)

  “The best thing about Crossfit is the family you didn’t know you needed. My motivation to get out of bed is the people I know I will see when I get there.” Background… I am 46 years young
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Rob Mathes (Member since 2012)

“I’ve made great, lifelong friends and have noticed, not sure if it’s the chicken or the egg, but for myself and friends along the way, career promotions seem to be the norm in the 7+ years I’ve been
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Mike B (Member Since 2013)

  “After breaking my neck, I was told a desk job with minimal physical activity was going to be my life.  I accepted this for 15 years.  After joining CFS and becoming healthier, I have found some of
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Charity M

Charity M  “If I had told myself a year and a half ago that I would still be doing Crossfit and waking up before dawn to go to the gym, I would have told anyone that I was crazy.”   Background
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