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Sunday, Sept. 11th, 2011


Sunday, Sept. 11th, 2011

"I am Cave Woman, hear me roar!"


Many people talk about nutrition and how they are drilling down hard to make the lifestyle changes that count. Tonight we kicked off our first “Whole 30” Challenge. We have 9 ladies that have committed themselves to education, resetting/repairing their guts, and building the foundation of what fitness is. I applaud them and their willingness to put their eating habits under the microscope. We had an hour long meeting that broke down the Paleo diet. We had a question and answer session and made up our menus for the week. We will meet each Sunday and grade each others food journals….and we will get better. Thank you to our poster child for change Nick Massie, for showing up to support his fellow “Cave Woman” and answer the hard questions on how he is succeeding. This guy reached a juncture in his life and made some worthwhile/lifesaving decisions. Lastly, we had an awesome Paleo meal catered by our very own Taylor Upton. This young lady can cook as well as Crossfit! Thank you Taylor for great food, we are glad you are part of CFS.



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