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Thursday April 17, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Thursday April 17, 2014 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO




SFH- demo


A new order of SFH is in! Get yours today before we sell out… 

Proper post workout fuel is VITAL for maximizing recovery.. Why not use the best of the best in products!

Below are just a few reasons why the coaching staff at CFS uses and suggest you use SFH Recovery and Whey protein (and FISH OIL!)…


Bioavailability and absorption are keys to a good whey protein supplement. A supplement is not a food. Unlike food it should be absorbed quickly and efficiently.

Concentrates vary in quality. Our whey concentrate is non-denatured and has a full array of natural proteins. Because it is non-denatured, it is absorbed quickly.

Isolates have undergone extensive purification using filtration and ion exchange chromatography methods. Most isolates are denatured protein. Preparation of an isolate strips away natural nutrients, fat and lactose. The remaining product is concentrated but is a less digestible protein (slower absorption and more bloating potential) without all the positive factors. Importantly, these isolates usually contain considerable casein proteins which have health issues.

Even the best protein isolates are not without problems. Many isolates contain soy lecithin, xanthum gum, sucralose and niacin.


Free range cow milk is a richer source of protein. Whey protein should be derived from free range cows that have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics. Non hormone and antibiotic treated animals have less growth factors such as Insulin–Like Growth Factor and lactating hormones. No antibiotic treatment means that the animals and their milk are less likely to harbor antibiotic resistant diseases.

Whey proteins should be derived from animals that are calved once a year. Keeping cows constantly pregnant, increases the milk generated, but it also increases the content of estrogens and growth factors. This is one reason why some people feel that dairy is not good for you (high insulin-like growth factors and high estrogen levels are basically an intense pro growth medium that may induce or sustain cancers). On this basis, most American cow milk, is not optimal for whey protein generation.

3. A2 MILK:

There are two kinds of milk, A1 and A2. Most dairy herds in the US and Europe are either A1 or an A1/2 hybrid. Our whey is derived from a special herd of animals which is genetically A2. A2 milk isbelieved to contain less antigen proteins. Google A2 milk for an extensive list of articles.


Most whey producers add soy based lecithin to make their proteins easier to mix with water. We don’t use any soy products because they are essentially all GMO products and contain foreign proteins that can cause allergies. We use sunflower based lecithin, where there are no known allergies. We add no sugar or high glycemic carbohydrate. This prevents an excessive release of insulin. We add no artificial formulating agents usually listed in the “ingredients” section of the label.

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A. Strict Press 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 (Rest 2-3mins)
B. Crossover Symmetry (5 reps x2 sets)

For Time:

400m sandbag(bearhug)/KB Farmers carry (heavy)

*Every drop is 10 burpees (On the spot!) 


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