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Thursday April, 26th No Limits Bootcamp at Wash Park

Great finish to week 3 kiddos!!!! Keep bringing that intensity to every workout, watch your starch, sugar and fruit intake and you’ll continue to see THE most amazing change in your bodies!  To reiterate a conversation this morning, committing to three days a week is and will be the BEST way to change your body and to see results the fastest!

Thanks for being so friggin’ amazing!


“Nasty Girls (and Guys) Bootcamp”

3 Rounds for time:

50 Squats

7 Turkish Get-ups

10 R Kettle Bell Push Press

10 L Kettle Bell Push Press

Sam 2 rounds 7:52

Georgia 12:30

Molly 14:23

Amy 14:14

Daniel 14:16

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