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Thursday April 9, 2015 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO


Thursday April 9, 2015 CrossFit Stapleton- Denver, CO

– CFS Athletes –


Tomorrow (Friday 4/10/15) We will be hosting a SMOOTHIE DAY! Yayyy!

Let us pump you up even more then we already do!

After the 5 and 6am classes Emilio will be blending up some AMAZING Post WOD recovery shakes (Designed by Tay) for you to sample on your way out the door! We will have recipe cards for you all to take home as well…

The smoothies will be chalked full of fabulous POST WOD ingredients (easily digestible carbohydrates and clean quality protein) that will all aid in protein synthesis, muscle recovery and boosting your energy levels for the day ahead!! Post WOD recovery is VITAL if you plan to get full benefits out of each WOD you crush and sustain your energy levels during the rest of your day.

We will be featuring our brand new SFH products (Whey/Recovery/Fuel) in the shakes.


Which SFH whey protein formula best suits your needs?

* Pure Whey: This is 82-84% pure Whey Protein. Pure goodness, nothing added. ***Perfect for breakfast shakes, baked goods, etc… This is a great product to keep at home in your kitchen***

* SFH Fuel: A scientifically formulated daily supplement that provides energy for your every day needs. Making you stronger, faster, healthier through the powerful combination of protein, coconut fat (MCTs) and apple pectin. ***GREAT for midday ‘snacks’ (between real meals) when you are in a pinch!! Contains good quality fats, a small amount of carbs and awesome protein…Keep this in your car, or carry small amounts around (pre-portioned) in your purse or man bag (briefcase?) for super quick access when you find yourself taking too much time between meals.. remember we should be fueling EVERY 3-4 hours***

* Recovery: Designed to be taken within one hour (Tay suggests 15min!!) after your a vigorous exercise activity.  This formula helps every cell in your body recover energy (ATP). ***Add a banana or sweet potato to this and you have yourself the PERFECT 3:1 Carb to Protein ratio you need for optimal recovery… Keep this at the gym or in your car for quick access post WOD***

What is in SFH whey?

Our Pure Whey Formula is 82-84% pure whey protein and comes in four flavors: natural, chocolate, peach mango and vanilla. All four flavors are 100% natural and do not contain any added artificial flavoring. The Natural formulations have the highest whey protein percentages. Vanilla, chocolate and peach mango whey have slightly less protein and an extremely small amount of sugar (compare our product to others). All of our formulas mix well in water and in milk products and are much easier and faster to absorb than whey protein isolates. They are also great in smoothies.

Where does SFH whey come from?

All of our whey products are formulated with non-denatured whey protein derived from free-range, grass-fed cow herds. They are all-natural and contain no additives or preservatives – just wholesome goodness.

Why does SFH avoid added sugars in their products?

Sugar induces the release of insulin. High periods of insulin lead to health problems such as diabetes, obesity and vascular abnormalities.***Lets just get our sugars from natural sources… fruits, veggies, etc. Our bodies LOVE to process this type of sugar ***




A. Take 10 minutes to practice Jerk Footwork and Jerk Technique Drills

Followed immediately by…

Every two minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
Jerk x 1 rep

Build to today’s heavy single.

B. Three rounds for time of:
15 Push Press (135/95 lbs)
15 Strict Pull-Ups
30 Double-Unders



A. Every minute, for 18 minutes:
Minute 1 – 2 Turkish Get-Ups (alternate arms, perform slow and controlled – each rep should take close to 10 seconds or more)
Minute 2 – Single-Leg Deadlift x 6 reps each leg @ 2011
Minute 3 – Seated Strict Press x 8 reps @ 2011

B. Three rounds for time of:
10 Dumbbell Push Presses
10 Box Step-Overs with Dumbbells
10 Strict Pull-Ups




4 min AMRAP
10 KBS (53/35)
10 Pushups
rest 1 min

4min AMRAP
12 KBS
8 push-ups
rest 1 min

4min AMRAP
14 KBS
6 push-ups

MyZone: Sprint/ Red

Rest 3 minutes… then…

As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 Minutes:
5 HSPUs (use scale from warmup)
10 DB Snatches per Arm (30/20)
15 Wall balls (20/14)
20 Abmat Situps
400m Run
MyZone: Pace/ Yellow/Red

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